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Depending on the season, with us you can find all the Italian biodiversity: from Sicilian oranges to Trentino apples, from Vignola cherries to Piedmont strawberries, the largest sizes of Decana and Abate pears, the sweetest Sicilian peaches and the most varied apricots and grapes produced in our country, the lemon of the Amalfi coast and the Calabrian bergamot.
Every day we select the best Italian fruit for you, to guarantee a complete assortment 365 days a year.


We believe that the key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle starts with our diet. That's why we only supply our customers with the best vegetables grown in Italy.
We are known for the quality of our tomatoes, such as Datterino, Marinda, Camone, Ciliegino and Piccadilly.
We also offer varieties of light and dark courgettes, potatoes from Sila, chicory from Fasano, pumpkin Delica, Trevisana tardiva, spiny artichokes and violets, Tropea onions and countless other specialties.

Dried Fruit and Other Specialties

Here you can find Chandler, Chilean or Argentine nuts, which are among the most valuable for their low content of saturated fats, sodium and are rich in fiber, proteins and minerals.
At the beginning of autumn we also have fresh walnuts from the Amalfi Coast and the sought after Koke walnuts (Canestrelle) from Piedmont.
Our offer is completed by peeled tomatoes and tomato purees, ready for any type of use in the kitchen.

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